About me

Freddy Kleinschwaerzer
Freddy Kleinschwaerzer

Profession:                          PDT - Instructor

Work:                                     RHQ Federal Police Germany

Age:                                        63 years

Martial Arts:                       10th degree black belt

Competition success:    5 x World Games Winner

Present task:                     Professional Instructor Police Defensive Tactics Training



Expert for:

  • Defense & Security
  • Kenpo
  • Ju-Jutsu
  • Kun-Tai-Ko
  • Seiwakan
  • Kickboxing
  • Krav Maga
  • and others

More about me to know

My main profession inside the RHQ of the Federal Police Germany in Munich was to oversee as Chief Instructor for Police Defensive Tactics this section. With 44 years of experience in Martial Arts and 39 years in Federal Police Service I am an expert in the field of any security issues. Partly trained by IBA (Intern. Bodyguard Association) Director James G. Shortt, Lord of Castleshort as well as the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs as Security Expert for German Embassies I am serving overseas for my Country to protect Embassy staff all over the World.


Also trained with special units, I worked for United Nations, OSCE and the European Union as International Police Officer or Instructor.


Besides I was  until 2017 the Head of KIAB (Kun-Tai-Ko International Association of Budo) and President of the NMAC (National Martial Arts Committee). Also as founder and President of the  World Martial Arts Committee I pushed for over a decade to reach high standards and to achieve international recognition by TAFISA together with strong partners. To teach and being an advisor for Security related issues as well as for National and International Police & Military belongs also to my daily life.


In 2011 I found the Bundesfachverband für Sicherheit in Deutschland. With it's integrated Academy along and in co-operation with other State recognized Academies. Today the BfSD has changed into a non-profit organization. Me and my instructor staff of high qualified Instructors are teaching violence prevention, Self Defense for Instructors and Defense & Security by Ott, as well as many other concepts. They are protected by the Patent Office Germany, according the German law and orders.


On my sixtieth birthday I started working as a writer. Since then several books have been published. Via Amazon all works can be ordered as paperback or eBook. Only one of my books is available exclusively through my shop. It is a synthesis of Krav Maga with the Defense & Security System of my grandmaster Lucien V. Ott.  If you would like to order this edition, please go to this Website. The other books can also be found in the shop. Contrary to the Amazon paperback editions, you can get all books here as high quality hardcover editions. 


You can find my Amazon editions by visiting my Amazon Author site (click on the link).