Bundesfachverband für Sicherheit  in Deutschland e.V. (BfSD e.V.)


The BfSD (Federal Specialized Association for Security in Germany) is the follow up organisation of D&S Academy. As D&S is an own system and concept, it was decided to place it under the BfSD umbrella together with SDI and Project EVA as well as our concept HELP.


The BfSD has above mentioned programs and concepts within his own BfSD Academy for Instructor Training Programs. Besides, the Academy teaches also any kind of DT Training for Officers and non state security personnell.


In 1982 I was honored to attend the first training with former French Foreign Legion member and Grandmaster of Kun-Tai-Ko – Soke Lucien Victor Ott – in Defense & Security. Ott was at this time hired as an expert by German, French and Belgian Police, Military and Security Forces.


Those remarkable and unique lessons created in myself the desire, one day to become a Master in this technique. After years of training within the Federal Police Germany, Martial Arts (Kun-Tai-Ko and Defense & Security by Ott), I matured to an expert in this field.


Special seminars and training with well known other Martial Artists such as Grandmaster Neal J. Hummerstone (former UDT – member from USA), James G. Shortt (Director General of IBA – Intern. Bodyguard Association from UK) and others gave me the right attitude and knowledge to become better and better. Nowadays I work  as advisor for Security related issues and instructor for Military Units, Police Special Forces and Federal Police.



Degrees / Qualifications


Defensive Tactics by Ott Instructor (1982 - 1990)
Intern. Bodyguard Assotiation (IBA by Ott & Shortt) Instructor (1985)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Certified Embassy Police Security Officer
Federal Criminal Department (BKA) Special Training (1991)
GSG 9 Special Training for Embassy Protection (1991)
United Nations PTI - Police Training Center (2004)
OSCE TDC - Training Development Course (2005)
PTI of America Instructor & Representative (2008 - today)
Federal Police Germany Chief Instructor Police Defensive Tactics at RHQ
Defense & Security Chief Instructor (2012 - today)

Together with the Defensive Tactics Training, there are several interactions. For e.g.  anti-rape  training, preventive-women Self Defense and Tactics Training for children and young girls. (www.akademie-schuetze-dich.de)

Defense & Security

A system developed in the early 70's by Major Lucien Victor Ott, a former French Foreign Legion member and survivor of many battles. Later, Ott was the founder of the legendary "Les Gorilles", the bodyguards around French Minister Charles De Gaulle.


I was honored to learn from Lucien V. Ott from 1983 until 1990 and was several times thaught by Maitre Ott in Brussels and Antwerp as well as in Liege (all in Belgium). After Lucien V. Ott died in 1990, the unique and fascinating system D&S was not existing anymore. His IBA partner and friend James G. Shortt from the UK took over his International Bodyguard Association and I took on the task to develop and to re-write the D&S according the German law in 2010. So D&S was reborn by me. I protected the name and concept within the German Patent Office and hold all rights now.


What is D&S?

it trains any kind of personell with security related tasks (Police, Military, Security etc.)


What is the content of the training?

The highlight is the unique methode of training, created by me. We emphasise on the "First Restrain". If you approach a crime scene, you have to analyze on your way to the aggressors all tactical measures and finally do a prompt first response by having such a control grab the aggressor can't move the way he wants.


You will learn:

  • to avoid dangerous situations
  • to tactical respond correct
  • your country law and what you can do without getting sued
  • techniques of striking, locking, controling, tactics, kicking and much more.
  • writing lesson plans for employees (concerning training)
  • situation training
  • and many more intensive and importand security related stuff.

Project EVA - Violence Prevention Training

With this program the BfSD is reacting to todays challenge for women all over the world. Women are more and more in the focus of violent men and become very often victims in brutal violence up to raping situations.


Project EVA is working to build new ways to create for women self confidence, strenght, tactics in danger situations, distance and rhetorical de-escalation methods to be aware of any danger before danger comes up.


But Project EVA is also a special instructional course to train trainers. Preferable women to teach other women to become Instructors too.


For more Information have a look at this. Please feel free to download our info flyer here:

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Self Defense Instructor

To become a perfect Martial Arts Instructor with the main focus on Self Defense you need to know more than just how to kick, punch, throw or lock an enemy. You need to know

  • why techniques work
  • what are the correct techniques for certain situations
  • what are the principles
  • what is bio-mechanic
  • what is kinematic
  • the right tactics along with the country law
  • and of course lots of techniques and much more

In 2016 I wrote a concept about SDI and protected this at the Patent Office in Germany. Since that time many participants took the advantage to become a high qualified Self Defense and Martial Arts Instructor. Our Quality Management system is according DIN EN ISO 9001 certified with the highest standards.