Defensive Tactics Training

rough territory driving training in PDT

Since I started with Martial Arts and previously mentioned with IBA and Defense & Security by Ott, I was always fascinated by all the experts I met during my own maturity.


 More information in German:


Trained by and with

  • Major Lucien Victor Ott (French Foreign Legion and IBA)
  • James G. Shortt (IBA Director)
  • Neal J. Hummerstone (UDT / PTI of America)
  • German Police Academy for higher education
  • German Special Forces Instructors
  • and others


Specialized in

  • Bodyguarding
  • Security
  • Awareness
  • Police Defensive Tactics
  • Shooting

I made within the Federal Police Germany my first official certificates in 1996 and kept going. Since that time Police Officers from the Federal Police as well as international Officers from Security, Police and Military Units participated in lessons I tought and still teach. 2007 I was Instructor in the Academy for higher education of the Federal Police Germany.


So far trained

  • UK Constablers in Ipswich
  • US Army in Bad Aibling Base
  • Swiss Guards
  • Police Officers in Liechtenstein
  • Police Officers in Izmir / TR
  • Police Officers in Sydney / AUS
  • Kosovo Police Service Officers
  • Security Personell and companies in Izmir / Turkey
  • German Police instructors at Police and Federal Police
  • Embassy Security personell in TR/CZ/IRE
  • Security Services within Germany
  • HQ of Fire Department Munich
  • Police Academy in Izmir / Turkey
passing my exam to become anti-amok instructor at the police academy in Walsrode/GER
Teaching at Izmir Police Academy in 2012
Teaching a group of professional security officers from a German company