Dedication to Martial Arts


In 1973 I started to study Martial Arts in the age of 13 with Judo. I continued with Karate, moved to TKD and finally began with 17 years my first long term study of the probably first Multi Martial Arts style, named Kun-Tai-Ko. Reviewing the past 50 years I achieved lots of ranks, qualifications, positions in various styles and organizations. In 1992 I found a new style called Seiwakan-Budo.










Black belt degrees

  • Seiwakan-Budo      (10th Dan)
  • Kun-Tai-Ko              (5th Dan)
  • Kickboxing              (5th Dan WKA)
  • Ju-Jutsu                  (3rd Dan)
  • Chuan-Fa Kenpo     (1st Dan)
  • Krav Maga Maor      (Instructor)

Current positions are

  • WMAGC                                  Founder & President (
  • NMAC                                     Founder (
  • KIAB                                        Founder (
  • Seiwakan-Budo                       Founder (
  • The Academy                          Founder (
  • BfSD                                        Founder (
  • VOSS-Society                          Founder & President (
  • KMDS                                     Chief-Instructor (kmds-germany)
  • DBV e.V.                                 Regional Director for Bavaria

Highest Achievements

  • Bavarian Champion            Kickboxing
  • German Champion              Kickboxing, Forms, Weapon-Forms
  • European Champion           Kickboxing, Forms, Self Defense, Breaking
  • Grand Prix                           Gold Self Defense, Silver Forms
  • World Champion                 Kickboxing (Semi-Contact)
  • World Martial Arts Games   Gold in Kickboxing, Forms, Self Defense & Breaking

There are many other international competitions I won. I participated in approximately 800 fights  and about 350 competitions Worldwide.



  • Living Legend Award 2003    Washington D.C.
  • Hall of Fame 2004                 Grandmaster of the year (Hawaii)
  • Hall of Honor 2010                International Grandmaster of the year (Munich)
  • Listed in Encyclopedia of Martial Arts as one of  the most important and well known Martial Arts Instructors of Germany (ISBN 3-328-00838-1 Pages: 361, 297, 332 printed in 1999)
  • Hall of Fame / USA  2017       Life Achievemt in Gold
  • Int'l. HoF / London 2019         Dedication for more than 40 years in Martial Arts Award

Skills / Expert

  • Realistic Self Defense
  • Kickboxing (Semi-/Light Contact)
  • Chuan-Fa Kenpo
  • Ju-Jutsu
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Kun-Tai-Ko
  • Seiwakan
  • Krav Maga 

Other Qualifications

  • IHK (Chamber of Commerce)                                    Instructor Defense & Security
  • DOSB (German Olympic Sports Association)            Management Level B Licence
  • DOSB (German Olympic Sports Association)            Instructor  “B” Gymnastics & Sports
  • DKV/BKB (Bavarian Karate Association)                   Instructor “A” Level
  • WAKO/BAKU (Bavarian Amat.Kickboxing Union)      Instructor “A” Level

and many more …..